Substituting high carbon footprint binders with carbon-negative alternatives, produced by treating industrial mineral waste with CO₂, to realise durable concrete products and materials for civil engineering applications.

About the project

The main aim of the CO2TREAT project is to design resource-efficient, low-carbon binder products for durable concrete and civil engineering applications by partially substituting Portland cement with secondary resources beneficiated by treatment with CO2

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The CO2TREAT project was funded by the ERA-MIN3 research and innovation programme on raw materials to foster the circular economy (ID:196). ERA-MIN3 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 101003575. National funding was obtained from the VLAIO/Hermesfonds (Flanders), BMBF (Germany) and the Slovenian ministry of higher education, science and innovation (Slovenia).


1st International conference on Mineral Carbonation for Cement and Concrete